Birdsong projects:
Exploring acoustic interactions in bird communities emerging from behavioral plasticity using a microphone array and information theoretical analyses

  We are interested in acoustic interactions among species of songbirds. Currently, we are interested in observing temporal overlap avoidance behaviors among different species using a microphone array, and analyzing what kind of structures of information flow from one species to another, which realize overall soundspace partitioning.

More specifically, birds do not always vocalize at random, but may rather divide up soundspace in such a manner that they avoid overlap with the songs of other birds. Such a behavior can be interpreted as an adaptive behavioral plasticity in that an individual modifies its resource exploiting strategy actively in response to the current state of resource use by others on a short time scale.

Our purpose is to understand temporal soundspace partitioning in bird communities as a self-organizing phenomenon emerging from inter- and intra-specific variations in behavioral plasticity. So far, we conducted pilot analyses on the degree of avoidance and the information flow from one species to another in singing behaviors at our primary field site, in a mixed conifer-oak forest near Volcano, CA. We found that asymmetric information flows between species might exist, and our coevolutionary simulations implied the evolutionary significance of such an inter-specific diversity. Also, we have stated to recording in Inabu field, Nagoya University, Japan.

However, it is very costly to annotate recorded tracks manually. Thus, we are developing and using a portable system composed of a laptop PC with an open source software for robot audition HARK (Honda Research Institute Japan Audition for Robots with Kyoto University) and a commercially available microphone array. We will publish this free-sofware system, termed HARKBird, on this site soon.

If interested in HARKBird, please let me know via e-mail:


Here are the some publications related to our project.