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Niche Construction - A Bibliography and Related Links -

Last updated: Jun. 2006

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"Niche construction (Odling-Smee, 1988, Odling-Smee et al. , 2003)" is known as a process, performed by organisms, that modify their own or the others' niches through their ecological activities. In this context, the term "niche" refers to "evolutionary niche" defined by Odling-Smee et al. , that means the sum of all the natural selection pressures to which the population is exposed. The niche-constructing processes are observed in various taxonomic groups such as bacteria (decomposition of vegetative and animal matter), plants (production of oxygen), non-human animals (nest building) and humans (cultural process) (Odling-Smee et al. , 2003). All living organisms are more or less performing niche constructions, and there are many evidences that they have strong effects on the evolution of organisms.
Recently, niche construction is getting much attentions in various fields of evolutionary studies. This is a list of papers and related links that discussed the evolutionary dynamics of the niche construction.

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